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About us

AirArea is established in the Netherlands because its  good environment and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Also in the Netherlands established for the reliability and fastness of the internet. Our staff speaks English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

Free shipping

Most of the goods as gliders, reserves, vario’s and helmets wil be delivered as drop shipping directly from the different suppliers or manufactories. All delivery times are depending of these third parties. Small goods are in our store in stock and goes next day fore delivery. Orders above € 150,00 are in Europe free of shipping costs, you should always sign a receipt.

Secure Payment and Data

All payments can be made with several methods supported bij Mollie. We do have a PayPall account if jou like this way to pay your order. All internet contacts will be with secure environment. All  data will not be given to ore used by other parties.

24/7 Support

No, not twenty for seven, we sleep at night. We have normal working times to keep the prices low. It’s busy but we love equipped personnel who come to work with us with pleasure. Normally we answer emails within 24 hours. We do not operate on public holidays then we enjoy the free time. We hope that you all can do this also.

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